Tuesday, March 18, 2003

waiting for laundry to finish. watching Reality Bites.

1) Story behind your blogs's name:
When I lived in Brentwood and my roommates and I used to fight over the phone bills, Ben discovered we could itemize our bills by assigning calling codes. I came home and he and Greg had already picked out a code for me.
I envisioned something even and palindromey--484 or 2112. Something big. They told me the code they picked reminded them of me.
What number? What number? I asked.
They answered: Seven.
Seven? That's an odd number, I said.
We know, they answered. But it's Lucky. Lucky Seven. Good things always happen to you. You're really lucky. So your number is seven.
Lucky seven. I liked that.
2) Favorite place to be:
On a sailboat, in the sun.

3) Least favorite place to be:
In an aviary.
4) Type a line you remember from any book:
he used the word gamut.
5) A random lyric:
though in reality you were hardly there, in my heart you were everything.

Now you answer some questions and post them as comments. Idle distractions, ahh, how long you make the day...

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