Friday, November 10, 2006

observed v. actual (1-0)

today i do not work for it is veteran's day. not technically. but practically enough to close all the public schools.*

the holiday is actually november 11, unless the 11th is a weekend, in which case we "celebrate" on the nearest workday. great lesson for the kids: take your free days whenever possible.

now it is three o'clock, which is the time i would be done working had there been school today. i have done nothing in place of work. unless watching kindergarten cop counts, which i feel like it does. and reading up on election stuff. which is so exciting, i can hardly stand it! i still dream of moving to the south of france, but it no longer seems so urgent.

what is urgent is that i go do laundry. first i must find a laundromat. blah.**

*unless you got a fall break, in which case, you do not get to celebrate today.

**usual laundromat 1/2 block away is out of business.