Friday, March 14, 2003

I think most Americans who support a war against Iraq are in favor only because they think it will stay over there. Bring the war to their front yard and everything changes. How many Americans would support a war--for which the motivations are vague and ill-explained--if it meant that our streets would be torn up, power stopped, buildings demolished, personal safety threatened...

Chris Rock was on Letterman last night. When guest host Will Farrell asked him how he felt about the war against Iraq, Chris replied that a war was when the opponents could fight back. America's not at war with Iraq, he said. America is jumping Iraq.

Today's radio surprise song is Bjork's Headphones: lulls me to sleep, to sleep, to sleep. What a dream.

I don't think she was unhappy on the go... She ran away from her seemingly overbearing responsibilities and her "devout and affluent Mormon family," though no one will say anything because of the big freaking deal the media made about her alleged kidnapping:
[Upon discovering the girl], "we took her aside ... she kind of just blurted out, `I know who you think I am. You guys think I'm that Elizabeth Smart girl who ran away,'" [Officer Bill] O'Neal said.
Obviously, the girl ran away. Come on--the girl partied with the couple! That's why she could hear her uncle calling for her from 15 feet away but never responded. That's why the teenage girl and alleged kidnappers always looked so comfortable together:
"They were always very pleasant," said Richard Mason, a 45-year-old homeless man. "She didn't seem like she was kidnapped. She acted like she was part of the family."

[ed. note: Nice that the newspaper refers to Richard Mason as a 45-year old homeless man. I'm sure Mr. Mason loves that, after four and a half decades, a 45-year old homeless man becomes his lone descriptor.]

And what about the man originally under suspicion, held in jail for a parole violation--the man who, while in prison, died of brain hemorrhages? You don't just die of a brain hemhorraging, do you? Doesn't your head need to be bashed against the wall, or something equally horrifying? We hear little mention of this man.

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Anonymous said...

Your comments regarding Elizabeth Smart certainly show your ignorance. I know you wrote this back in 2003, but since it is not lined-through or retracted, you must still believe in what you wrote. You seem to know very little about trauma, kidnapping, victimization, etc. I do not wish any harm to you or a loved one, but do hope that wise-up the easy way & quit making light of other human's misfortunes.