Thursday, April 19, 2007

what the hell.

my blog is all f'ed up. what happened to my pictures, I wonder to myself. Fuck.

crazy. but that's how it goes

In other distractions, I joined twitter.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

where's the snow.

They were predicting a blizzard today. It was supposed to start at 4. There's no blizzard. I need school to be canceled tomorrow. It would make a four day weekend, since there's no school on Monday. C'mon, weather.

Today, toward the end of math class, one of my students asked me (fairly loudly) why I was so funny today. I'm always funny, I reply. You just never listen. Betty, another student, contributes, "oh, it's because she ate today. She's always in a better mood when she eats." Which made me question her logic, seeing how 1. I eat the same exact thing every day and 2. Betty has lunch in my classroom daily and watches me eat. That's right, daily. Usually it's just her, but today more kids figured my class was better (and warmer) than outside, so like 6 kids came up to play cards and eat the cashews I always share at lunch.

Cashews are magical, I tell them.

Better than hot cheetos, in any event.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

coffee update

so I started drinking my homemade coffee black. because i ran out of milk and had no choice. but that's not the point.

friday evening, after a day of skiing with my students, i was at the irish rover. not with my students. i was standing outside, keeping my smoker friends company, but not smoking, when this vaguely familiar face came up to me and said,

hey, i know you. you come into the starbucks on broadway. you drink a vanilla latte."

Correction, I respond. I used to drink a vanilla latte. Now I just drink black coffee. No fancy drinks for me.

"Why not?"

"Too expensive. I can't be wasting all my money on vanilla lattes."

"Oh. Well, if you come in when I'm working, you can have whatever you want and I'll just charge you for a black coffee."


Last night's whiskey drinking was punctuated by an uncharacteristic visit to some warehouse club, falling down some stairs, a giant bruise on my leg, and little to no lesson learned.

black coffee.mp3 Bjork & Tricky