Monday, February 17, 2003

I found a catchy song to memorize!

I am somebody!

Who is this on the radio... I must know. I can't wait until the end of the song. I am going to call the radio station... I know the voice. It sounds like someone I know well... Oh! It's Galaxie 500. Same voice as Luna. That's why I know the voice and not the song. Note: Buy more Galaxie 500 CDs. "This is our music" is the name of the CD, according to Milkman Dan.

There was little to no traffic this morning. I am surprised by how many people have President's Day off. I sure don't. I worked less than 40 hours last week. I asked my boss if she was going to fire me. She said yes, pack my bags. I said "good, I'm going snowboarding then." She said she wasn't serious. Dammit.

This weekend, I did my own laundry. Eh. It's so much easier dropping it off. They fold it for you and it always smells so nice. Average weight of one month of laundry: 22 pounds. For 75cents a pound, it's worth it. Except that by the time I finished cleaning on Saturday, it was too late to drop off my month's laundry for same day service and I needed it for the next morning. So I did it myself. It wasn't as bad as I remember. It's still nicer having it done for you.

Yesterday I went snowboarding. I finally understand what it means to be rhythmic. I remain sans rhythm and continue to cruise down the mountain pretty darn erratically, but I Understand what rhythm can do for me.
This week: Memorize tune to catchy song.

Saturday: Keep song in head as beat promotes rhythm while riding down mountain.

Howdy, Ma'am!

I know that I am foreign to the world of the Wild West, but why does everyone at the company insist on calling me ma'am? Thank you, ma'am; Yes, ma'am; Excuse me, ma'am. It makes me feel so old. Sigh. Is it a cowboy thing? Or am I just old?

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