Thursday, February 27, 2003

I can't fall asleep. I get the week off from work and I am restless. Figures. So here I am, entertaining myself with the Internet. I remember when I was very young and couldn't sleep, I would act out plays in my head. In junior high, I would make collages out of old Sassy magazines. As a sleepless teenager, I'd stay up all night, making mixed tapes and listening to college radio. Now I find myself drawn to the Internet. I think of all of the plays, collages and music complilations I am ignoring. For what? For this:

Read this article for the last paragraph. Through mind-numbing quotes from Zora's ex-boyfriend, the article tries to invoke scandal and intrigue while reporting that Zora, the winner of the Joe Millionaire Extravaganza, watched illicit Meg Ryan movies with her ex-boyfriend before she moved to France. "Zora wanted to learn the language in France a little bit better... we didn't watch too much of the movie if you know what I mean," the sly dog confesses, implying that they did more than just watch a movie named after tongue kissing. Forget his implication, though. How about his actual meaning? Astounding: the idea that Zora brushed up on the language and culture of France by watching French Kiss with Meg Ryan! Is she a moron? No wonder the French hate us.

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