Thursday, October 15, 2009

ambient musings

On the plane. A glass of wine and two ambians in, little helps.

So as it were I was just able to finagle a vegetarian dinner from the crew--despite my first three requests met with "no it's too late." They've read the handbook.

Along comes my obviously vegetarian dinner. I could have gone without the comic sans labels detailing the plastic-covered meal, but the wine was tasty and all's well that ends.

There is a young child 4 seats to my right. He's eyeing me for 2 reasons. 1 because I'm the only passenger who looks back and smiles and 2 he has child radar and is able to scent out my various gadgets. He knows something is up. Each time I put one down, he quickly turns to see what will appear in its place. Hmmm. I did spend some time with Rolando and Katamari Damacy on my iphone. He can play super mario or whatever on the DS. Should I offer? Hmm. Faced with this dilemma, I can usually get a mixed rejection from the mom who seems to 'really want him to learn hand eye coordination but oh the consequences of obesity so perhaps the best for him is I say nothing

I can predict would happen should I extend the offer. He can't be kept away from these cool gadgets. He'll first buy into the game, seeing it as a conduit for my approval. Then after relatively easy success (the trademark of any game I play), he sees that an actual challenge does exist and soon find he enjoys playing super princess peach.

Then he becomes a leader among his peers. His age doesn't know how to take someone who shuns conventions in the name of more fun. Friendly but curious rejection with an eventual leadership assumption

But what the hell am I talking about--i am on a plane talking about meatloaf. .

Why are they so sub par? Treat the experience like it's the last say, like ancient greece for fucks sake. For so many, it's as if they are. Facing their last moment, I mean. terrified they consider the what if
You know if this was that I would want to party and party. $
Why shouldn't every flight be a party flight.

Maybe flights are no longer organized by time. Or location. Maybe they're like commuter flights but everybody self selects so a flight full of sandy hippies will be gloriously fulfilled with like-minded sandy hippies.

Ancient greece.

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