Tuesday, March 27, 2007

sweet, wonderful coffee

so after my semi-victory of my local starbucks hombres 1. remembering my drink and 2. remembering that i am a regular customer, my need for over-priced, over-roasted and over-flavored coffee beverages has been satiated.

I finally grinded the tasty yet neglected coffee beans from Porto Rico Imports, much to the dismay of my cat. Who hates the sound. But loves when I make my own coffee because he knows that somewhere, somehow, there is milk in store for him.

I forgot how delicious regular coffee is. Yes, still with milk and sugar but at least it's a start. Once the weather warms up consistently, I will do my best to switch to black. It is going to be warm today, though, so off on my bike I shall ride. I wish Spring Break could last until Summer Break.

Just what i needed.mp3 The Cars


Unknown said...

I just downloaded the "The Cars" song. I'm gonna jam out at work...

@rebeccaforever said...

jammonit. Round trip to NYC: $213.80. A weekend of rocking the soundtrack in Gotham City: Priceless.