Friday, March 23, 2007

restoring faith

can faith be restored when it never actually existed to begin? maybe it just becomes a lack of disappointment.

anyway, i went into starbucks yesterday morning--yes, every single day I continue to pay way-too-much for an unfair and inequitable flavored coffee beverage, despite my home delivery of the best coffee beans around (Porto Rico Imports). But this day would be different for I had forgotten to bring my mug.

So when I got to the counter, the manager breezed by me and said, "Rebecca, where's your mug?" Stunned, I explained that I had forgotten it. He smiled and questioned,

Will you still have a grande* vanilla latte?"
"Um... yes," I replied slowly

As I left the store, the man behind the register called out,
See you tomorrow."

Mission accomplished. Thanks, Starbucks.

I remember.mp3 Damien Rice

*I always order a medium and refuse to call a medium by any other name just because some corporate giant has trademarked an otherwise inaccurate description of the one in the middle.

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