Saturday, February 24, 2007

growing up a little

As of yesterday, I am a home-owner. It needs a handful of work and is just on the fringe of an emerging neighborhood (according to the American Planning Association, anyway) and I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

Come On A My House.mp3
Rosemary Clooney


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out why I remember this blog address. Arghh.
You left me at the bar with a gay Navaho man, he tried to convince me I was gay.
I didn't think I'd ever run into you again- I'd assumed you left.
You're nothing but trouble.

@rebeccaforever said...

I thought you were there with the Navaho man.

You've always known I was trouble.

Anonymous said...

Of course you did...

I like trouble. Damit.

You're like...hmmm. searching for metaphor...I don't know- something compeletely different.

I never got drunk tonight, despite what my shirt said. I wanted to, it was a good idea, it just didn't work out.

Do you have any idea what a decent mistress costs these days? Just wondering.

@rebeccaforever said...

i think you like the idea of me. how much do you remember?

you left in a sudden that night. i turned and you were gone.

i don't know what the going mistress rate is. probably less than a therapist.

Anonymous said...

I have a terribly selective memory. You're right- of course, I only like the idea of you- I have a feeling the real you is difficult to find. Conversations with you are more of an intellectual sparring match than an exchange of thoughts and feelings. You always left me intrigued but off-balance, which I normally would enjoy, but I just couldn't keep up back then.

I was whisked off to the club and immediately surrounded by gyrating hordes of hormone rich, Y-Chromosome dangling, coked-up club sausage. I should have followed your lead- even as we were going in the group of three helmeted emo kids on scooters said something about girls and lip gloss...

A therapist is a better idea, or perhaps Jesus?

@rebeccaforever said...

from what i recall, you keep up just fine. and as far as the real me goes, good luck with that. i'm still working it out.

Lipgloss was fine, though slightly blurry. a night of whiskey will do that sort of thing.

Jesus can't help you. I thought you knew that already.

Anonymous said...

Whisky is my favorite, it makes me smart, sexy and funny as hell.

If you haven't figured you out, it's impossible for me or anyone else to.

If this conversation is going to continue we should find a different venue.

@rebeccaforever said...

you should be careful with those suggestions.

T said...

Now you're threatening me? You're the one who should be careful- danger is my middle name.

I do a very good impression of myself.

@rebeccaforever said...

oh, danger, huh? your middle name is like edwin or something.

so now what-