Monday, July 31, 2006

motorola phones may be fancy

but the sound quality sucks. the only thing my phone is good for is iTunes (which is free to use and not quite as daunting as my iPod). so imagine me not really caring when Cingular turned off my phone for being ONE WEEK late with my payment. Verizon used to let me go at least three months.

So I called Cingular to try and pay my bill but I wanted to talk to an operator before I paid the measly $75.00 that they're crying about and make sure that they'd turn my phone on today. But lo! Cingular doesn't have operators on Sundays. Wha? Who in the telecom industry keeps those kind of hours?!

To summarize, I'll probably get my phone turned on by the end of the week but, with the exception of people worrying because it says it was turned off at my request when you call (lie!), I sort of like not being dragged down by a portable phone.

They're so trendy nowadays.

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Anonymous said...

I love my Verizon phone ;)