Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Janine and I went out for a drink on Sunday.

I ordered my usual: vodka tonic with a lime:

waitress: what kind of vodka do you want?
me: well is fine.
waitress: you don't want a particular kind of vodka?
me: no, well is fine.
waitress: you don't want Smirnoff?
me: isn't it more expensive?
waitress: yes, but only 25 cents more.
me: no, really. well is fine.
waitress: okay. i need to see some id.
[i hand her my license. she examines it.]
waitress: hey, we have the same birthday.
me: yeah, but you were born in 1981 or something, weren't you?
waitress 1982.
me: same thing.
[waitress walks away.]
janine: how did you know she was so young? she looks older than us.
me: because she was convinced that spending 25 cents more for crappy Smirnoff vodka is worth it.
janine: oh.
me: if i ask for well, it's because i want well. if i want to pay for vodka, i'll ask for Grey Goose.
janine: good point.

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