Thursday, September 11, 2008

the coffee saga continues

Continuing with my daily struggle for good coffee (overpriced or not), a coworker and I went out this morning to get coffee. We walked to the second closest Starbucks (I am boycotting the closest Starbucks because the people who work there are jerks). The line wrapped out the door. Not excited about waiting on that, we decided to get line-free cart coffee from the street vendor parked outside of Starbucks, a bargain at $1. It could be stronger, my coworker said, but it's pretty good. Not bad, I replied. Not bad at all. And we walked back to work, where I planned to enjoy my coffee for the rest of the morning.

Until another coworker asked me if I wanted to get coffee and I explained that I just bought some from the cart outside.

"eww--you bought cart coffee?" he asked in horror.

"not the cart outside the building; the one down the street," I clarified.

"right. that disgusting, filthy cart coffee that they fill up with a garden hose? filthy. you are much too upscale for cart coffee. that's disgusting." And he walked away.

Of course NOW my coffee is totally fucking ruined and doesn't taste nearly as magical as it did ten minutes ago.

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