Sunday, April 08, 2007

coffee update

so I started drinking my homemade coffee black. because i ran out of milk and had no choice. but that's not the point.

friday evening, after a day of skiing with my students, i was at the irish rover. not with my students. i was standing outside, keeping my smoker friends company, but not smoking, when this vaguely familiar face came up to me and said,

hey, i know you. you come into the starbucks on broadway. you drink a vanilla latte."

Correction, I respond. I used to drink a vanilla latte. Now I just drink black coffee. No fancy drinks for me.

"Why not?"

"Too expensive. I can't be wasting all my money on vanilla lattes."

"Oh. Well, if you come in when I'm working, you can have whatever you want and I'll just charge you for a black coffee."


Last night's whiskey drinking was punctuated by an uncharacteristic visit to some warehouse club, falling down some stairs, a giant bruise on my leg, and little to no lesson learned.

black coffee.mp3 Bjork & Tricky

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