Wednesday, April 02, 2003

I think I know what I am missing in my mornings--a ritual. There's always coffee, but that's more of a dependency rather than a ritual. I need a media ritual.

When I was a kid, I always had the newspaper cartoons. That progressed into Dear Abby and daily horoscopes. Some years, the morning media ritual is just watching/attempting aerobics on the public television station. Other years, it has been a 6am dose of C.Hi.P.S. on TNN. For a while this year, I had a Wall Street Journal dependency. That has lost its thrill as of late.

I need a daily dose of stimulating yet entertaining media. Finding grammatical mistakes in the Denver Post doesn't count. As I put off writing my paper that is due tonight, will try to find a daily media ritual.

Yahoo news borders on a daily ritual. Though inconsistently riveting, is conveniently accessable.

Homeboy's on to something, poignant at best:

War should not be waged on the whole country due to one man.
Iraq is my country and it is called the Republic of Iraq not the Republic of Saddam Hussein.

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